Sarcoidosis and yoga

Sarcoidosis and yoga

Chloe wanted to take up more physical activity but was restricted by muscle and joint pain from sarcoidosis.  Her condition seemed to be exacerbated by being run down, and while she said she felt most well after a good sleep, she suffered from insomnia.  Chloe’s psychologist specialises in pain and recommended her to Yoga for Pain.

Yoga can help with chronic pain and fatigue by relaxing the body, calming the mind and improving quality of rest.  But an ordinary yoga class, even a class for beginners, can be taxing for a fatigued body, and can put uncomfortable weight into the joints.

Chloe didn’t have the physical strength for an ordinary class.  She needed to build up her capacity very gently to avoid exacerbating her symptoms.

After introducing Chloe to full body awareness, and the possibility of being gentle with her body, we explored gentle, effortless movement.  The session finished with a guided relaxation that was tailored for Chloe, reflecting the language she used about her health.  After the session, Chloe said she felt “wonderful”.

In a follow-up, Chloe’s physiotherapist reported that Chloe had had the best night’s sleep in a long time and said that was a big achievement for her.  At her next one-to-one, Chloe said she hadn’t been as anxious that week or suffered as much pain.

By calming the body and mind with yoga, those with pain and fatigue can improve the quality of their sleep, which improves the quality and functionality of their lives.  When you realise you have made a good choice about your health, that’s a pretty good confidence boost to feeling in charge of your own wellbeing.

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