Curtin University postgrad physios learn about yogic education

Curtin University postgrad physios learn about yogic education

I was invited to speak to postgraduate physiotherapists at Curtin University about how Yogic Education can assist their clients suffering pelvic pain.  The lecture was part of the Continence and Women’s Health postgraduate course and covered:

  • Case studies of women who have used yogic education to treat physical, emotional and psychological aspects to pelvic pain
  • Research into exercise therapy, stress management and chronic pain
  • How client lifestyle and emotional concerns impact effectiveness of treatment

We also discussed that the capacity to reflect, as health practitioners in this field, on our own understanding of pain and sexual health enables us to recognise the limitations of our knowledge, empathise with clients and hear the request they have for their health care.  The reflective practitioner is better equipped to provide the support that is needed, rather than the treatment we are in the habit of offering. This lecture can be tailored to practitioners in other areas of pain management and health care. 

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