Yoga and fibromyalgia – Howard’s Story

Howard came to Yoga for Pain hoping for relief from the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. The principles of self-care and mindful movement he learnt in Part 1 of the course helped him get back into camping and fishing which he had dearly missed.

Learn to start the day well
Howard had previously loved being active. He really wanted to be well in order to do normal activities with his family again, without putting his family out. Like many men experiencing health issues, the loss of independence was challenging.

Yoga for Pain Part 1 teaches people with persisting pain to relax, be mindful and move comfortably. For Howard the stillness he found in the meditation became part of his day.

“Meditation gets me so relaxed and feeling refreshed”.

At a one-to-one consultation we worked out that to set himself up for a good day, Howard needed to include a morning meditation to set a calm space, an intention for the day, and a chance to make a contribution to his family life.

“I’ve started a morning routine which begins with a quiet place to prepare for the day. It puts me in a better mood and I feel calmer.”

To help him remember all the things he did for his family we also got him photographing those activities, which had the additional value of getting him back into his hobby of photography in a mindful way.

Howard gets back into camping
For the first time in four years Howard was ready to try camping again.

“I let go of what I thought the trip should be and just went with the intention to enjoy myself. I took my time packing the car, and kept up my morning yoga practice during the trip.”

When he needed to rest, he rested. And not surprisingly, fishing offered a very good place to practice meditation and mindful movement.

A year later little fish have got bigger
Howard is now an active member of the Fibromyalgia Support Network, contributing to a series of regional road shows to raise awareness and make a difference for people in more remote parts of Australia.

Howard’s daily moments of mindful photography has turned into an 80-page photo book of Australia’s northwest. It sits proudly on the kitchen table as a reminder of all the family trips he can again enjoy. Howard overdid things a bit at the end of last year with exercise but simply went back to basics and is counting down the days until a one-month camping trip.

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