Yoga and fibromyalgia – Heather’s story

Yoga and fibromyalgia – Heather’s story

When diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago, Heather felt a sense of loss. She feared she would never again get the chance to do the things she loved, like swimming and her active work as an agriculturist.

After completing Finding Yoga’s 12-week Yoga for Pain program, Heather reported that she felt more confident in her body, was able to move in ways she previously thought were impossible and was clearer about the type of jobs she would apply for when ready to return to work.

Motivation to make it happen
Heather knew there were all sorts of things she ‘should’ be doing to improve her health. But the “brain fog” of fibromyalgia made it hard to focus on these.

The mindful practices in Yoga for Pain helped Heather to develop concentration. She learnt to pay more attention to how she moved.

“Not only did I learn to let go of the extra tension in my body, I realised it was there in the first place!”

This meant she could do more movement and meditate for longer, which made her feel even better and be more focussed mentally.

Thinking clearly helps you make better life choices
By the time Heather reached Part 3 of Yoga for Pain (New Beginnings) she was feeling ready to return to work. In a private yoga coaching session Heather completed a series of exercises that helped her to articulate how she would return to the workforce while also maintaining her new found wellbeing.

“It’s been extremely useful in deciding whether or not apply for a position. By not applying for everything under the sun, I have more energy to invest in the jobs I actually want.”

*** 12 months later: Heather has in fact found a job she is passionate about and has joined a general yoga class near her home.

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