Yoga for Pain Care Australia at the 2017 Social Impact Festival

Yoga for Pain Care Australia at the 2017 Social Impact Festival

Rachael spoke about the role of yoga in place-based health care at the 2017 Social Impact Festival. Holyoake CEO and 2015 Telstra Businesswoman of the year Angie Paskevicius was the other speaker in the session.

Rachael discussed the social side to pain, the potential for Yoga for Pain programs to nimbly reach small communities, and answered a heap of questions about the practical side of how we are making it happen.

We tend to think of pain as a medical problem. But it has a big social impact as well: persistent pain increases your risk of depression, suicide, social isolation and early retirement. Painaustralia reminds us people with chronic pain often lose their status in the community – and their voice.

It’s not just effects of pain that are social. Causes are as well. Think about your likelihood of ending up in persistent pain if you work in a job that exposes you to stress or injury; if you have less access to good healthcare; or if you live in regional Australia.

Rachael explained there is a heap of research showing yoga can have a positive effect on the physiology of pain. We are helping to implement pain-sensitive yoga in a way that also deals with the social side to pain.

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