We track our social impact to ensure trainings we deliver lead to benefits for individuals, practitioners and the community. We also use the information to continuously improve what we do.

Read about the results on a range of Yoga for Pain Care Australia initiatives by downloading the short reports below, or read the summary dot points for an overview.

Yoga for Pain Down South – a year on [download report here]

    • New providers in chronic disease hot spots of regional WA
    • Referrals increased 83% over the 1 year trial period
    • Occasions of service delivered increased 150%
    • High engagement in services with low DNAs


Yoga for Pain Down South – phase 1 report [download excerpt]

Yoga for Pain Down South - project writeup excerpt

  • 100% training completion rate for selected providers, including assignments
  • 8 four-week pain care yoga pilot courses full, with wait lists
  • 89% of people with pain who attended pilot course with providers we trained said they were better able to manage their pain
  • People with pain said they gained five key things from Yoga for Pain services: realising yoga could help in general (ie it’s a new option), learning specific techniques (they can do in class or for themselves), experiencing less pain,  becoming more aware (of pain knowledge and themselves) – and feeling more confident.


2016 Social impact report [download]

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