Meet the practitioner: Yoga teacher and physiotherapist Jane Leslie (Perth WA)

Meet the practitioner: Yoga teacher and physiotherapist Jane Leslie (Perth WA)

Location: Nedlands and Shenton Park, Perth, Western Australia
Specialises in Yoga for Arthritis and private consultations to help people of all ability levels physically modify their yoga postures so they can better realise the full benefits of yoga.

Why do you teach yoga to people with pain?
I want to make yoga accessible to those who shy away from movement, whether that’s because you’re afraid of a pain flare or injury, or because your physical ability isn’t what it used to be.

As a physio, how have you seen yoga help with pain?

Yoga is proven to be a safe and effective way of moving, relaxing, reducing stress, managing pain and improving overall wellness.It’s naturally suited to being adapted to different physical needs.

It’s also great for people with pain to participate in a group environment again and feel engaged.

What can people expect in your yoga classes?

I am trained as a physiotherapist and have completed specialised, evidence-based Yoga for Arthritis training.

I like to include physiotherapy research, pain science and ways to physically modify yoga postures to suit you and your personal goals.

Is there a yoga teacher who has influenced you?
Simon Borg-Olivier from Yoga Synergy has an advanced understanding of the breath and anatomy and physiology. As a health practitioner, I feel the application of this kind of knowledge is essential for meeting client’s needs safely, especially when they have special conditions that need extra care.

What about Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training? How has that influenced you?
The latest pain science and its application in yoga practice was immensely helpful. It was covered very thoroughly, and with a pain specialist physiotherapist delivering a section it meant I felt I had well-rounded understanding.

I now take a more inquiry-based approach; I have simplified and slow down what I teach in order to build confidence and encourage “more comfort”. I also sequence the class to prioritise relaxation and meditation.

Any advice for people with joint pain?
Think clearly about what you want from a yoga practice. Communicate this and use that to help you choose the best teacher and the right information for you.

Where can people find you?
Wisdom Physiotherapy in Nedlands for private and very small group sessions (health fund rebates available), and Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation WA in Shenton Park for Arthritis-specific yoga classes.

Jane’s thoughts on health and yoga
I think that evidence-based, specialty-trained yoga teachers are an important bridge between someone with pain progressing from passive health care and engaging safely and confidently in community based classes.

How do we get in touch with you?  
Email me at [email protected]

Jane has been practicing yoga for 11 years and teaching for 8. She is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and Physiotherapist and completed Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training in November 2015.

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