Meet the practitioner: Yoga teacher Jodie Gates (Bunbury WA)

Meet the practitioner: Yoga teacher Jodie Gates (Bunbury WA)

Location: Bunbury Western Australia
Runs two Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis classes plus a range of gentle and general classes.

How have you seen yoga help with pain?
I have joint pain and hypermobile knees, elbows and fingers. Yoga has helped me so much and I want to share that.

I’ve seen yoga reduce my students’ pain, help them tune into their own bodies, and learn to slow down.

Over time they also notice the effects their thoughts have on their body and what to do about changing those thought patterns.

What can people expect in your yoga classes?
A slow, gentle class that includes postures adapted to your needs, as well as breathing, relaxation – and a touch of humour. I want you to leave feeling lighter, relaxed and moving better.

Is there a yoga teacher who has influenced you?
There are many.  Kerry is a local teacher here in the southwest. I love her classes and come out feeling like I’ve been wrapped in a blanket, nurtured. That’s what I hope I am teaching now too.

What about Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training? How has that influenced you?
The neuroscience behind pain was fascinating. It helped me understand how yoga can make a difference.

It’s so interesting that you can have pain even though there is no tissue damage.

Being super gentle over a long period of time can help change the pathways in the brain so we feel less pain and it bothers us less.

Any advice for people with joint pain?
There’s a perception you have to be super fit and twist yourself into all sorts of poses to do yoga. That’s not the case.

Use props to make you more comfortable. Something as simple as a blanket under your knees can mean pain-free kneeling.

Where can people find you?
I teach a variety of classes around Bunbury including two for multiple sclerosis.

I’m also looking for five people to participate in a 6-week yoga course for healthy joints beginning in May. It’s suitable for people with achy, stiff, arthritic or troublesome joints.

Jodie’s philosophy
A positive mindset will change how you feel physically.

How do we get in touch with you?  
Email me at [email protected] or mobile 0409 204 273.

Jodie has been practicing yoga for 15 years practice and teaching for three. She is a registered Yoga Australia teacher and completed Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training in November 2015. Jodie was the recipient of our special regional rate, which we offer to help increase pain services in country areas.


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