Practitioner meetup March 2017

Practitioner meetup March 2017

Finding direction as a practitioner. Noticing where you do your best work. Becoming more aware of people’s conditions. Seeing the benefit derived in a general class for someone for whom a general class is not really suitable, and seeing there could be even more for them. Making a contribution to the field (of yoga) while not being a guru.

Getting people to the right place for yoga. When there’s limited choice for people with pain it’s hard to turn them away (from a general class). Pain-friendly is different to “all-welcome”.  When there are options you can guide people to the best place. Ethics of precision and progress.

What kind of feedback is useful for teachers and students? Some people can’t write so standard forms are difficult. Importance of asking what was good and what didn’t work.

Suggestion: write feedback and observations at the bottom of lesson plans, before you forget.

Application. Hearing that students can tell their physio they already know how to breathe: “I learned it at yoga”.

Emerging questions Is a new conversation occurring beyond the conversation with themselves? If classes provide a social outlet which keeps students coming back, is there a risk of dependence on classes? How is a different conversation changing the way they learn yoga? How do we ask the questions?

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