Yoga for Pain Down South: 85% of people better able to manage pain

  • Ms Julie Forsyth
    Posted at 20:07h, 08 January Reply

    Just a pilot study. Shall you send a questionaire out at 2 months then 6 months? Median age of participants?

    • admin
      Posted at 14:26h, 10 January Reply

      Thanks for reading and commenting Julie.

      Yoga for Pain Practitioners have to get regular feedback from their clients to make sure what they are doing is working, and to improve what they do.

      If you’re interested particularly in formal research into the role yoga plays in pain management there is a heap! Check out our blog and new fact sheet for GPs for summaries. Because there is so much evidence for yoga in pain care, Yoga for Pain Care Australia is more interested in translating that research into clinical practice – which means finding ways to make sure people with persistent pain stick at it long enough to get the benefits. Unfortunately we know that, while the evidence says yoga works, for a whole heap of social and other reasons, people often drop out or don’t do it in a way that gives them benefits.

      So if you’re interested in the broader picture of yoga and pain, our “impact page” has some interesting reads about how we look at the social impact of our work.

      Hope that helps!

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