Applications for Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training 2020 are open!

Applications for Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training 2020 are open!

Yoga for Pain is a field of practice that examines the role of yoga in pain care.

We’re excited to open applications for the 2020 Yoga for Pain Practitioner Program to help you explore the surprising ways yoga can play a part in supporting people with pain, and those who care for them. You have until midnight Saturday February 2 (AEST) to apply. Please contact us if you need an accessible format for your application.

Learn more at these three links

YouTube videos about what to expect in the program

Check out the program outline here

Apply here

And for those who want a quick overview:


The 2020 program runs to about 150 hours over 6 months. As well as (obviously!) yoga, we draw on social impact methodologies and outcomes-based education to help you understand your role as a provider in this field, the needs of people with persistent pain, and how to work out what to do from the myriad of available options to get the outcomes you intend.

There are five key phases:
1) Yoga for Pain Foundations  (April and May)
Experience the foundations of Yoga for Pain movement for yourself through an individual practice to do each week at home, supported by a weekly call for training participants.

2) Face-to-face group program (6 days Melbourne – early July)
Build a community of practice through Yoga for Pain experiential, practical sessions, Yoga for Pain frameworks and how to design and teach outcomes-based programs that use your diverse skills.

3) Community project (August)
Design and pilot a 4-week course with a small group or individual. To keep you on track and build your skills there are weekly group mentoring calls. If you are a health professional, watch this video about what it means to be a Yoga for Pain Practitioner when you’re not a yoga teacher, and ideas for the kinds of projects you could do.

4) Focus modules (throughout)
Specialist lectures on pain-related topics to give you more depth and expertise (delivered virtually).


Applications are open to qualified health professionals, yoga teachers (Level 1 Yoga Australia-equivalent) and social service providers who wish to reflect on their own practice in this field, and apply what they learn to help students and clients to develop skills, self-efficacy and raison d’etre outside the medical environment.


We offer tiered fees – so, for example, the price for funded agencies in inner Melbourne will be different to an independent yoga teacher who needs to travel from a regional area. If funding is an issue, we encourage you to seek sponsorship from your employer, or organisation you may offer services to in future – or who sees the benefits of what you are doing. We can also work out payment options as we don’t want anyone to miss out if they are in financial hardship, so please apply even if you aren’t sure about the money.

Important things to note!

  • This is not a teacher training course. Only qualified yoga teachers can teach yoga per se. Yoga Australia, the yoga professional body, recommends 350 hours of training for an entry level teacher.
  • Health professionals in Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training will learn highly transferable skills, what yoga-based pain care looks like in their profession, and how to be a part of a wider network of support for people with pain.
  • The course is provided to allow you to do better work for your community, whether that’s people with pain, or those who care for them. You are not to use the material for other purposes, such as training other teachers or health professionals (although you can, of course, design new programs for them using methodologies you learn).
  • You need to attend all modules to complete the program. There may be some exceptions for the Focus Modules, if you attend something relevant as an alternative (for example, trauma-sensitive yoga, Feldenkrais education, or psychology units). Note that course fees are still the same.
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