It’s taken nearly 2 years but we have results for Yoga for Pain Down South!

It’s taken nearly 2 years but we have results for Yoga for Pain Down South!

When we started Yoga for Pain Down South in early 2018 (a partnership with GP down south to equip chronic disease hot spots in regional WA with non-traditional pain services) most of what you would have seen social media was cool yoga pics, scholarships for selected providers and visits from the ABC.

But behind the scenes there was a heap of research. Part of this research was evaluating the program. We wanted to check that our training actually led to benefits: for individuals with persistent pain, for the providers who support them, and for the community.

We are excited to share the one-year results from this program. Here are some key facts to whet your appetite about what happened during the 12-month pilot:

a) Referrals to Yoga for Pain Practitioners we trained increased by 83% (which means health professionals want to recommend the services to clients).
b) Services delivered increased by 150% (meaning referred folks actually attended) and
c) “Do not attends” were anecdotally lower than other pain and mental health service (ie people turned up each week)

Importantly, 7 new non-traditional providers are now offering community-based pain care in small towns of regional Western Australia.

A huge thanks to the incredible team that contributed to this initiative. We would love to know what you think of the reports. which you can check out here.

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