Find a Yoga for Pain Practitioner

Find a yoga teacher who gets persistent pain, or a health professional who understands yoga in pain care.

What do Yoga for Pain Practitioners offer?
Yoga for Pain Practitioners can be yoga teachers or health professionals.

The yoga teachers generally offer one-to-ones or group classes. Choose pain-friendly classes if you are comfortable moving without a pain flare and adapting postures to suit you, or pain-specific group if your central nervous system is sensitive, you get pain flares after movement or are unaccustomed to physical movement.

Health professionals take a yoga-based approach to their work. This looks very different from professional to professional: including (but not limited to) helping you prepare for yoga, or incorporating Yoga for Pain principles into their professional and ethical approach.

What training have Yoga for Pain Practitioners done?
Those listed have completed (as a minimum) Yoga for Pain Preliminaries Training and continue as active practitioners to ensure their skills are up-to-date. Many have completed additional modules or longer training. All adhere to a code of ethics that includes doing their best to guide you into the most suitable class, taking your long term care into account, and referring you forward when appropriate.

Take an active role in finding a Practitioner to suit you
While everyone on this list is experienced and very caring, it’s important to remember yoga is not a medical treatment, our training is not an accreditation or professional qualification, and you need to do  the background work to find the best provider for you. You should always have a medical professional rule out any causes of pain.

To make sure you find the right place for you, ask questions, consider a one-to-one before joining a group, and read our tips on starting yoga with pain.

Let us know how you get on!


Pam Bleakley (Chifley) Yoga teacher at Vital Yoga
Marg Riley Yoga teacher at Peaceful Spirit Yoga
Lisa Blanch  Yoga therapist and yoga teacher at Yoga CPR

East Gippsland
Kirsten Mackintosh
(Paynesville) Yoga teacher and nutritionist at Swan Cove
Maree Chambers (Port Melbourne) Yoga teacher and community nurse at Yoga Time
Rachael West (Central) at Finding Yoga 0450 393 336
Toni Schoen Yoga teacher Inner8centre (Phone 0407983329 or email [email protected])
Margaret River and Cowaramup
Debra Chambers
Occupational Therapist (Phone 0409 108 950Ferart Studio
Ally Hately Yoga Teacher (Phone 0413 435 644) Margaret River Yoga School
Jos Morrish Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher (Phone 0433 099 120) Mojo Physio
Mieke Boerema Yoga Teacher and Physiotherapist (Phone 0549073237) Movement Solutions
Jane Leslie (Shenton Park, Nedlands) Physiotherapist and Yoga for Arthritis ™ teacher at Wisdom Physio
Nicki Walters (Kalamunda) Yoga teacher at Kalamunda Kundalini yoga (Phone 0400 373 100) Arthritis-friendly*
Theresa Venz (Wembley) Yoga therapist and yoga teacher (Phone 0402 676 329) Arthritis-friendly*
Anna Struyven (Northern suburbs) Physiotherapist at Silverchain
Gemma Barter Psychologist

Rosemary Harding Yoga teacher (Phone 0439 996 405) Arthritis-friendly*

Rebecca O’Connor Yoga Teacher (Phone 0447 429 335)

Josephine Tanham Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Phone 0478559413) Augusta Yoga


Cheryl Wegner Occupational therapist and yoga teacher

Rachael West
Self-led Yoga for Pain course to do at home + Skype consults Finding Yoga

*Arthritis-friendly means teachers have completed introductory arthritis course through Yoga for Pain Care Australia. While their yoga classes aren’t arthritis-specific, they are able to discuss your needs for arthritis and ascertain if the class is suitable for you. And if it’s not a great fit, they have the knowledge and contacts to direct you to an appropriate teacher or health professional.